A Tale of a Relationship Helped by a Waterfall

[Even though this scenario might not fit your life situation exactly, sense this couple’s angst and the way the waterfall helped lift them above it. They struggled with some familiar […]

A Geologist Explains Waterfall Formation

Waterfalls create a visceral experience. The eyes see water cascade down a rock wall then splash into the plunge pool. They see a rainbow of colors as light refracts through […]

A Crossword Puzzle Just for Waterfall Lovers!

We thought the wordsmiths among you might enjoy a special waterfall-themed crossword puzzle. (You could even print it out and take it with you on your next visit to a […]

Waterfall Keepers Out and About!

In mid-July our friends at Carolina Mountain Club celebrated 100 years of hiking, saving trails, and serving the outdoor community. What a milestone! Waterfall Keepers was honored to be invited […]

A Tough Question We Get Often

Maybe you’ve even asked the question yourself: Why doesn’t Waterfall Keepers offer more events for members? We hear it especially from folks who have tried to sign up for an activity […]

Have you revisited Elk Falls recently? Notice anything different?

If you found less trash than usual, thank our terrific group of Elk Falls Stewards. They began cleaning up the waterfall and trail a couple months ago and have made […]

Meet Our New Junior Keepers Coordinator

We’re thrilled to introduce Lorna Ravinski as our new Junior Keepers Coordinator! Lorna grew up in a small town in Minnesota, “the land of 10,000 lakes”, where she developed an […]

School’s almost out! Now what?

Hey there young nature enthusiasts! Have you ever visited a waterfall and wondered about all the amazing creatures and plants that live in and around it? Or maybe you’ve been […]

Waterfall Adoption is for Everyone

We’ve recently heard from some folks who told us they would like to adopt a waterfall, but they aren’t physically able to do do all the “hard work” of maintaining […]

Nice Ending on East Fork French Broad River

Recently, our Executive Director, Kevin Adams, was visiting a small waterfall on EF French Broad River and discovered an old dryer that someone had dumped at the falls. He wasn’t […]

Waterfall Healing

At Waterfall Keepers, we are well aware of how waterfalls can help people overcome issues such as addiction, depression, and anxiety. But I have recently realized how beneficial, even crucial, […]

Waterfaller Reflection

When I first began visiting waterfalls in the late 1990s, I always stayed on the trail. I had visited Log Hollow Falls in Pisgah National Forest more than once, and […]

Two Special “Keepers”

We’ve mentioned Paula Swartz and Gordie Curmudgeon before, but they continue to play such an important role in the Waterfall Keepers mission that we’d like to give them a shoutout […]