School’s almost out! Now what?

May 9, 2023

Hey there young nature enthusiasts! Have you ever visited a waterfall and wondered about all the amazing creatures and plants that live in and around it? Or maybe you’ve been curious about why it’s important to keep waterfalls and streams clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Well, even when school is out, real learning never takes a break!

Junior Waterfall Keepers is a great way to explore and learn about waterfalls and streams with your family, homeschool group, or any group with an interest in nature and the outdoors. It’s free to join so it’s available to all!

To become a Junior Keeper, all you have to do is ask your parents to fill out a form on the Waterfall Keepers of NC website. Once they’ve signed you up, you’ll receive a cool badge and sticker to show off your love for waterfalls and the environment.

Then you can start completing fun challenges and earning special badges. For example, there’s a conservation badge for learning how to take care of the environment and a critter badge for discovering different types of wildlife. And there are more badges to come once you finish those!

These challenges involve playing in the water, learning about critters, exploring waterfalls, and identifying mushrooms, wildflowers, and other plants. We challenge you – along with your family and friends – to clean up trash at waterfalls and learn about how litter affects wildlife and water quality.

At Waterfall Keepers, we focus a lot on safety and good habits around waterfalls. We want to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time exploring nature.

Exploring nature and learning about the environment can be just as educational and exciting as any classroom lesson. Being a Junior Keeper is a great way to keep your brain strong and continue learning all summer.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Junior Waterfall Keepers and let’s go on this super fun learning journey!