We’ve created the perfect way for waterfall lovers to make a difference. Become a Keeper! Keepers pledge to visit “their” waterfall four times a year to pick up trash and report on trail conditions when they visit. Learn more.

We conduct organized trash cleanups throughout the year at waterfalls across North Carolina. Would you like to help us clean up a waterfall? Sign up for our newsletter to receive notices for these cleanups.

Education is a core element of our mission and is incorporated into all aspects of our work. If you’d like to learn more and help us implement our education projects, please get in touch.

Some trails leading to waterfalls could use a little love. Our crews work to provide safe and environmentally sound access. Also, we work to restore waterfalls and streams to their natural conditions after human impact. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Half of our mission is to look out for waterfalls. The other half is to look out for waterfallers. A major component of the latter is promoting safety. We don’t want to preach. We just don’t want to see people get hurt or die at waterfalls. Learn more.

A major component of looking out for waterfalls is promoting ethical behavior. As with safety, we’re not about preaching. We just want to show people what’s in the best interest of waterfalls. Learn More.

There’s nothing more unsightly than graffiti sprawled all over the rocks at waterfalls. Our crews remove graffiti in an environmentally sound manner. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.

We’ve adopted a curvy section of highway that provides access to numerous waterfalls, including one that literally falls under the road. We pick up trash every quarter. Come join us! Learn more.

Fallen trees present safety issues as well as making the hiking more difficult, and when trees fall on waterfalls, they severely detract from the aesthetics. We are forming trained crews to combat this problem.

We are building an archive of waterfall-related materials that will be available to the public for research. Among the resources will be historical photos, books and other literature, and oral histories. We already have nearly 300 items in the archive. Would you like to donate something? Learn more.

We know waterfalls! We can serve as consultants for private and public landowners on conservation, public access, and other issues related to waterfalls. We know science, too. Among our scientific initiatives is to create an inventory of NC waterfalls that harbor rare plants in spray cliff natural communities.

Waterfalls calm the soul. They change moods. They heal people. We know those who have overcome substance abuse, alcoholism, obesity, and depression in large part because of visiting waterfalls. We want to exploit this healing power and help people who are down. Learn more.