We are the person who gets off work early and heads straight for a waterfall.
We are the parent who brings their kid to a waterfall so both of them can play in the water.
We are the photographer who already has a dozen photos of a waterfall, yet returns to get just the right shot.
We are the kid looking for salamanders who starts frowning when mom and dad says they must go back.
We are the person who can’t contain their excitement when seeing a waterfall for the first time.

Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina is not a board of directors and staff. We are a community of waterfall lovers across North Carolina and elsewhere, all dedicated to the wellbeing of waterfalls and waterfallers. With that said, somebody must step away from the spray long enough to keep things running.

This is us:

Team Members

Kevin Adams
Executive Director & Founder

Holly Bass
Youth Director & Cofounder

Cassie Broshears
Operations Coordinator

Kiki Compton
Communications Coordinator

Kira King
Science & education Coordinator

Roy King
Video Producer

Steve Matadobra
Adopter & Sweep Coordinator

Board of Directors

Steve Temple

Joey Cagle
Vice President

Brenda Wiley

Ali Wimberly