Waterfall Keepers of NC

Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina

For the love of Waterfalls and Waterfallers!


We are thrilled to announce Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina, the only organization dedicated to the state’s resplendent falling water!

Waterfalls are among the few natural wonders that excite all five of our senses at once. We feel the spray against our skin. We hear the calming sound of the falling water. We smell and taste the moisture in the air. And, of course, we see the sublime beauty. Waterfalls give us so much.

Let’s give something back!

Let’s pick up the trash, clear the trails, and protect the plants and animals that live in the waterfall environment. Let’s help make everyone’s visit safe and rewarding. Let’s get the kids involved. Let’s use the healing power of waterfalls to help people who are down.

Let’s Make a Difference!



Our Junior Waterfall Keeper program is designed for the kiddos to have fun while learning all about critters, science, and conservation of the waterfall environment. Junior Keepers get special patches and stickers, and they complete assignments and earn cool badges. Click on the Junior Keepers page to learn about it!
Visit the Junior Keepers page to learn all about it!

Our Mission

“To promote and advance the cultural, economic, ecological, and historical significance of North Carolina waterfalls; to serve as an educator and advocate; and to preserve waterfalls and facilitate their enjoyment in perpetuity.”

Mailing Address

283 Inman Branch Road
Waynesville, NC 28786

Physical Address

The spray zone of a North Carolina Waterfall

[email protected]

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