Waterfall Adoption is for Everyone

May 9, 2023

We’ve recently heard from some folks who told us they would like to adopt a waterfall, but they aren’t physically able to do do all the “hard work” of maintaining the trail.

Well, we have great news. There is no hard work! Adopting a waterfall doesn’t mean you have to perform trail maintenance or do anything else that is physically demanding. It means simply that you visit the waterfall on a regular basis (quarterly is ideal) and pick up any trash you find at the trailhead and along the trail. That’s it!

We do ask that you file a report to let us know how many hours you work and how much trash you find. And also to let us know of any trail maintenance needs so we can pass that along to the appropriate groups. And if you find trash that’s too heavy or dangerous to remove yourself, let us know and we’ll send a crew to remove it.

Steve Matadobra, our Waterfall Adopter Coordinator (pictured here), will soon open up several waterfalls for adoption. We’ll let you know when they are ready. In the meantime, you can visit the adopter page of our website to find all the waterfalls currently open.