Have you revisited Elk Falls recently? Notice anything different?

May 9, 2023

If you found less trash than usual, thank our terrific group of Elk Falls Stewards. They began cleaning up the waterfall and trail a couple months ago and have made a huge impact with their regular visits.

Each week, a member of the Stewards visits the waterfall, picks up trash, and sends back reports. We also have a trail maintenance crew that takes care of any maintenance needs.

A huge shoutout to everyone on the Elk Falls Stewards team!

David Atkinson, Sidney Atkinson, Jackie Austin, Joey Cagle, Chris Cashwell, Lynn Crumley, Rhonda Fields, Paul Kroening, Cathy Lacienski, Jim Magruder, Anita Morris, John Morris, Linda Pannullo, Tyler Penland, Gabbie Romano, Shawn Slome.