A Tough Question We Get Often

August 25, 2023

Maybe you’ve even asked the question yourself: Why doesn’t Waterfall Keepers offer more events for members?

We hear it especially from folks who have tried to sign up for an activity they’ve seen on our website only to find out the event is already full. We know how frustrating that is and we wish we could offer more!

Here’s the challenge: Our organization is almost entirely volunteer-run and we can only offer what we can properly support. Some of our events involve hiking to a waterfall, but we are not a hiking club. Our top priority events are those that preserve and protect the waterfalls. We do cleanups, we encourage people to adopt and care for a specific waterfall, and we use our platform to educate and encourage best practices for the safety of our visitors and the enjoyment of NC’s waterfalls.

We recently revamped our volunteer page to clearly spell out our specific volunteer needs and opportunities. Please check it out and see if you’re a match. We’d love to have you!