When You Need a Lift

August 25, 2023

Without question, waterfalls heal.

OK, waterfall healing is not the same as quadruple bypass surgery, electroshock, or a hyperbaric chamber. It doesn’t come in a bottle or syringe, it’s not administered by a board-certified medical professional and, other than getting wet and muddy, there are seldom any harmful side effects. Medicare never covers it.

No, waterfalls don’t provide what hospitals, clinics, and sanitariums do, but they do offer…a lift. And often, maybe along with the customary healing therapies, that’s just what we need.

A lift that:

  • calms you down
  • gets you excited
  • helps you feel competent
  • puts your problems in perspective
  • gives you a sense of personal control
  • enables you to feel that, for once, you are in on the secret
  • beats the gloom
  • fills you with awe and wonder
  • rescues you from the TV and computer screen
  • slows you down so you can more closely observe the workings of life

To experience this, you don’t have to travel to the Mayo Clinic. Just head to any of the hundreds of waterfalls in our area.

You’ll want to choose a waterfall that fits your current needs. A booming, crashing waterfall will not help you relax. A seductive trickle will not energize you. A drive-by of a waterfall next to a road may not be especially therapeutic. Be intentional — plan and equip yourself for success.

As you envision and embark on a waterfall experience, know this: you can’t lose! This is not a stressful challenge. The last thing you need in your life is more stress. Think of this process as purposeful play. Even if you totally flop, it’s still a pleasant day at the falls!

Many folks have never thought of a waterfall jaunt as an opportunity for healing. They don’t really know what to do when they arrive at the falls. If that’s you, look through our booklet, “Waterfall Healing: Discovering the Healing Power of Waterfalls” and figure out what kind of lift you need. Then, mix and match your needs with the dozens of waterfall activity ideas. Finally, find a waterfall that is suited to your situation and take the plunge!

Tom Kopp, Waterfall Wellness Coordinator