Widows Creek Falls

Short, easy walk. Stone Mountain State Park.

County: Wilkes 

Driving directions:

From US 21 north of Elkin, turn east on Traphill Road (SR 1002). This point is 7.8 miles north of where US 21 narrows from four lanes to two and 10.15 miles south of the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you’re heading south from the parkway, turn right on Traphill Road. Travel 4.3 miles and turn right on John P. Frank Parkway. Follow this road until it enters the park after 2.3 miles, then continue another about 4 miles to the bridge over Widows Creek. On the other side of the creek are pullouts on both sides of the road.


Walking directions:

From the pullout on the right (north) side of the road, take the obvious and short path that leads to the base of the falls. This easy path is suitable for those with limited mobility, but it’s not appropriate for wheelchairs.


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