Tom Branch Falls

Quarter-mile level walk. Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

County: Swain 

Driving directions:

From downtown Bryson City, turn off Main Street (US 19) onto Everett Street. Drive 0.2 miles and turn right on Depot Street just after crossing the railroad tracks. Go less than 0.2 miles and turn left on Ramsey Street, which becomes Deep Creek Road, and enter the park at about 2.2 miles. Continue 0.6 miles to the large parking lot at the end of the road.


Walking directions:

The trail, a continuation of the paved road, turns to gravel beyond the turnaround. If you’re hiking in summer, pay close attention because you’ll walk right by the waterfall if the sign is missing. Look for a little clearing at a large oak tree beside Deep Creek. The waterfall drops into Deep Creek from the opposite mountainside.

The trail is only a quarter mile and very easy. In spring or winter, the waterfall is very nice, but with low flow and summer foliage, it’s not all that impressive.


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