A Challenge for Young Waterfallers

August 25, 2023

Do you love waterfalls? They are amazing and beautiful! Some waterfalls are like giant showers that make a lot of noise and splash water everywhere. Others are much smaller and make a nice trickling sound as the water flows over a rock ledge. They are also home to many plants and animals that you can see and learn about.

Waterfalls are fun to visit and explore, especially on a sunny day. You can hike to a waterfall, take pictures of it, or sometimes swim in the pool below it. Be careful – it can be slippery near a waterfall!

It’s also fun to just sit, enjoy the sounds of the water, and have a snack! Waterfalls are a great way to enjoy nature and have a blast with your family and friends. Even now that you’re back at school, the weather is still great for waterfalling.

Here are some waterfalls that are relatively easy to get to. Why not go and have some fun! If you don’t live in Western North Carolina, you can search “Best Waterfalls in [your area]” and find one close to you.

If it’s okay with your parents, you could send us a picture of you enjoying yourself at a waterfall (include your first name, age, and where this waterfall is) and we will include it on our Waterfall Keepers social media!