The waterfall cleaningest day ever!

Grab your trash bucket, put on your gloves, and add your name to the oodles of waterfall lovers all over North Carolina who will spend March 26 picking up trash at our beloved waterfalls.

It’s easy to join the effort. Simply pick a waterfall and show up on March 26!

Here are three easy ways you can join the fun and do a good deed for the waterfalls.


Pick a waterfall and visit it on March 26 to pick up trash.


Do you know a waterfall location that has a lot of trash? Get some friends together and do something about it!


Choose one of the locations listed below and join us to get the site cleaned up.

Regardless of which way you choose to participate, we need your help in another way. We want to know how many people are participating and how much trash they are removing. If you join one of our crews, we’ll record this for you.

If you go out by yourself or organize your own crew, PLEASE send in the Waterfall Sweep Report when you get back home. This is very important to us. We’ll activate the button to the right on March 26.  


Nantahala NF, Near Lake Toxaway

The trailhead area for the hike to Bernies Falls has been used as an illegal trash dump. We made a huge dent in this site during the 2021 Sweep and we’re returning this year to finish the job.

Crew full!

Cleanup crew: Volunteers


Nantahala NF, Near Highlands

The trailhead area of Buck Creek Falls has been used as an illegal dump site.

Cleanup crew: Mainspring Conservation Trust

Crew full!


Near Elkin

The trailhead area and trails are well maintained, so we will concentrate on the floodplain areas on both sides of the creek below the falls. We need a couple people in the crew who won’t mind wading the creek. (Wade could be above the knees.)

Crew full!

Cleanup crew: Volunteers


Near Balsam Lake

The area around this small roadside waterfall has been used as an illegal trash dump.

Cleanup crew: Asheville Lesbian Social Club

Crew full!

Elk Falls

Near Elk Park

We will concentrate on the roadsides near the trailhead that get a lot of tossed trash.

Cleanup crew: Volunteers

Crew full!


Near Saluda

We will clean up all around the trailhead area and the roadsides in the vicinity.

Cleanup crew: Volunteers

Crew full!


Near Balsam Grove

For years, people have tossed household garbage over the bank near the top of this waterfall. We removed a lot of trash from this site last year, but much remains. Cleaning this site requires negotiating steep roadside banks. There are also some large items that will require strong backs.

Crew full!

Cleanup crew: Volunteers


Near Balsam Lake

The trailhead and roadside areas suffer greatly from tossed litter, and there is a small illegal dump site here.

Cleanup crew: Volunteers

Crew full!


Near Balsam Lake

We’ll clean up all around the trailheads and the roadsides areas of Tanasee Creek Falls and Pinhook Falls. There is a lot of illegally tossed garbage here.

Crew full!

Cleanup crew: Volunteers


At Lake Toxaway

We’ll send a small crew to clean up the roadsides all around the waterfall and at the old Toxaway Falls stand.

Crew full!


Balsam Grove

This is the site of the incredible cleanup operation in January organized by The Pisgah Conservancy with help from Waterfall Keepers. We’ll return to clean up the remaining trash scattered about.

Crew full!

Cleanup crew: Volunteers


Near Yadkinville

We’ll clean up the floodplain area below the falls and all along the roadsides near the falls.

Cleanup Crew: Scouts BSA Troop 219G for Girls

Crew full!

Thanks to the following sponsors for helping make the Waterfall Sweep a huge success!

Thanks to Scouts BSA Troop 219 for Girls for providing a crew for the Shacktown Falls cleanup!

Thanks to Mainspring Conservation Trust for providing a crew for Buck Creek Falls cleanup!

In 2017, Transylvania County Tourism launched a sustainability initiative named “Transylvania Always.” Their mission is to be a leader in the effort to take care of Transylvania County’s natural resources in order to create a safe and enjoyable user experience and ensure that these assets are here for future generations.

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Thanks to Lowes of Brevard for helping keep our waterfalls clean!