For the first time, Waterfall Keepers will host a nighttime waterfall excursion for a small group of waterfall lovers. This will be during the new moon phase, the darkest time of the lunar cycle, and the best opportunity for an experience like this.

During this adventure, we’re going to engage all our senses to experience the wonder of the forest and the thrill of the waterfall at night. As our vision adjusts to the darkness, we’ll look for bioluminescent mushrooms, listen to the scuffling sounds of insects and nocturnal creatures in the leaf litter, and notice the rustling of the trees and maybe the thrumming of our own hearts.

We’ll focus on our breathing and our heightened sense of smell. What aromas are more pungent and noticeable at night? And as we approach the waterfall, we’ll feel and taste the moisture in the air and notice the familiar music the falling water sings to us. The experience will give you a new appreciation for the healing power of nature and the joy of being at a waterfall at night.

There will be three guides for this event, including our Executive Director, Kevin Adams, who will be providing tips on photographing waterfalls at night.

Cost: $20
Date: September 16
Time: Starts at 8:30pm and lasts about 3 hours
Limited to: 15 participants
Difficulty level: Easy
Location: Near Brevard
Age limit: Adults only

This is a members-only benefit and all registrations will be checked. If you wish to bring someone with you, they will need to register separately, and they must also be a member. If you have a Family Membership, other parties in the membership may attend with you.

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Cancellation Policy: We hope that you will consider your registration as a contribution to our worthy cause. We are unable to provide refunds for cancellations. This event will be held rain or shine. However, in the event of severe weather we will hold the outing on Sunday, September 17.