I sent in a report about a waterfall issue and that problem was still there on my next visit. What gives?

We’re doing the best we can, but the fact is that we simply don’t yet have the resources to tackle every issue right away. But we’re doing what we can, and for many waterfalls, we’re sending the reports to other groups that can help right away.

Some of the issues we see on the reports are ones that don’t require our attention, at least not right away. For example, we’ve received reports of tricky creek crossings, and of other obstacles that make trails difficult to navigate. The land agencies don’t allow us to do that kind of work. If the situation is extreme, we can submit a request to do the work, but we would have to go through the proper channels, which could take many months or even years.

Also, we are not allowed to do any work on “non-system” trails. These are the unofficial trails in the national forests, state parks, and national parks, and many of the waterfalls are located on them. We can pick up trash and report to the land agencies, but we can’t do any trail work or maintenance on them.