Eastatoe Falls Members Only Fund Raiser

We are thrilled to announce this special opportunity to visit one of North Carolina’s most stunning waterfalls. The privately-owned Eastatoe Falls has been closed to the public since 2019, but Waterfall Keepers Of North Carolina has been granted special access for our members.

This is your opportunity to visit a spectacular waterfall while contributing to the good work of Waterfall Keepers.

Due to limited parking, COVID-19 safety concerns, and overall visitor experience, we are limiting the number of visitors to 5 people per hour. Visitation will begin at 6 am and end at 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13, 2021.

Time slots will be awarded by lottery, with winners announced on April 2. You must be a member of Waterfall Keepers Of North Carolina to enter. Winners are asked to make a $20 per-person contribution.

Click here to enter the drawing!

Waterfall Keepers Of North Carolina would like to thank the owners of Eastatoe Falls, Elizabeth and Jeffrey Witmer, for their graciousness in allowing access to the waterfall. When Jeff and Becky purchased the property in 2019, they immediately began looking for ways to let people continue enjoying the waterfall in some capacity, while addressing safety and private-property concerns. They own only the waterfall but not the access road and land surrounding the falls and not the area where people used to park. We are grateful to have their support in our mission to help not only the waterfalls of North Carolina, but the people who love waterfalls.

We would also like to thank Joan and Will Dinkins, the previous owners of Eastatoe Falls. For decades, they graciously allowed the public to park in their yard and visit the waterfall.